About Us

HourBs1 is one of the greatest Forex company in the twenty-first Century. The company was first known in 2017 and is a major invited company of the United Nations Conference on Trade and development. The company has gathered the leading financial experts in the world today. At the same time, in the field of virtual currency, our company has also made great achievements. In the first half of 2018, we made a profit of US $30 billion. With strong capital guarantees, we can provide every investor with a lucrative income of 100% and help you realize the dual freedom of wealth and life.

We aim to create values and ensure strong financial returns by sourcing for the most attractive investments opportunities in emerging markets. HourBs1 is guided by a distinguished Board of Directors and by an experienced Management Team with diverse business backgrounds and strong sense of commitment.

We are committed to investment in the long term and generating value for our shareholder based on sustainability, best ethical practices and integrity. In England, we believe in the importance of values. Values that define who we are and shape the way we conduct business. Values that are derived from our commitment to our core principles of foresight, innovation, excellence, prudence and trust.

The minimum deposit is $5. You can get at least $5000 a month by participating in our projects. It's exciting that you don't need any investment experience and knowledge as a basis.

High efficiency, wwithdraw instantly, safety, being guaranteed and low threshold are our most prominent advantages.

You can check HERE to view our certificate.

Referral Commission
plan 1 3%
plan 2 5%
plan 3 10%
Gain Commission: instant
Withdraw Commission: instant
2500-3000 Active Referrals Representative Commission 20%
3000+ Active Referrals Representative Commission 35%